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Welcome to Pisgah. I am the man who has a dog that you might be interested in buying. I won't steer you wrong. I'll make you a good clean deal. It is true, I have a habit of digressing, so be warned. Ask me a question and I'll answer it, but please don't walk away till I'm finished answering. I find it very rude.

Apr 19



Apologies to Generalissimo and Jack Kirby but we all don’t want or need to do the group of misfit people each with a super power or weird personality quirk but yet somehow needing one another and making things happen together…a la Agents of Shield, HYDRA, G.I.Joe/COBRA, to a lesser extent, and the others; Guardians of the Galaxy, and the others that Warren Ellis, Agents of Hate, Freak Angels, and the others, Alan Moore’s Watchmen, one woman, and the others…yeah, we don’t want them. We don’t need them. We just want a nice quiet neighborhood, an Andronico’s down the street, and, even if they DO charge 14 dollars for a head of lettuce, we’ll enter our battered late model Volvo, boxy but safe, trundle on down San Pablo Avenue, and get it. Patchouli stink wafting in the breeze behind…our home, a humble but well-appointed Craftsman, of course. Dark. Nice. Cool. Stickley furniture perhaps. We could be in Berkeley, Piedmont, Rockridge, Pasadena, San Marino, live on the hill in any ol’ Oak Tree strewn warm Californian enclave. Work over the hill in some Laboratory. Whatever. But we don’t want to be fucked with. We want our government to be run by competent people and we don’t want to be outraged by crises near or far. We just want to be left the fuck alone. To be in peace, in soul, sight, faith/believability. Sandals with socks. Hairy legs. Glasses. Craft Beers in the fridge. Neither conservative or liberal. Just, smart. Right. Done. Kids or no. Sex or no. We don’t have to parade our differences or be coddled our problems; fixations, quibbles, quibblies.

Apr 11

just beyond myself with rage

Really confused here with the reason why I cannot access this with mobile. It keeps just kicking me out to sign in, often teasing me with the log in graphics from time to time before spitting me out again.
And now, finally, after changing password twice, hooking up the other secure things which didn’t come into play yet, but on testings, worked, I have cleared cookies and as you can tell, have sufficiently lowered my blood pressure. Lucky for me!

Mar 29

Triage Center

‎  Triage Hospital Outside Occupy…
 And it really takes days upon aggregate memory aftermath event but specific for us, the mild moderate(?) quakes of late, to realize quake related property damage. A crack here, movement over there, and the behavior preceding events (always after), you consider, the dog was making strange noises, there was a spider on the basin counter, then the sink, and then the next day too, squirrelly hustling around, esp sic after the classic, drop in your face from on high, in this case, the light fixture above the looking glass, in said bathroom. Yeah, odd, like, they were portents, omens, warnings, signs, but we just didn’t clue in. Well, it’s not like we could possibly do anything. Not until it happens, and then, it’s all just react, or not at all, do we?

Mar 15

Swimming Season Has Begun

Installed the new app or new to me for tumblr on my tablet. Okay, but not great. I want the images of the pages to load as quick as the browser does. And everything is expected like that, isn’t it?
Everything is in reality a bit wonky. Then, there’s “fucked”. But we’re beyond that now. We’re in the pool and it’s cool, but it will get warm later on. The trick is to never mind, as the line from the big ego film Lawrence of Arabia.

Mar 7


Does anyone know what this is from?

(via kadrey)

Feb 25

got a call

Normally I don’t answer shit I don’t know. What came up it said call this
number if you did such n such. That such was change my billing address.
I’ve no reason to. So, I just called my phone company. It sounded like a
call center. I was on hold with them, etc. But, I don’t know. They got me.
Who I am and you know, this irks.

Feb 7


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Jan 31

why all the spy stories out now

The Ian Fleming TV show: The Man Who Would be Bond, the films being played, all the thriller stuff, and then again on TV, the two Houndstooth wearing…Sherlock and Elementary. What gives?

The Bastardization of Stupid

Well, maybe it is a stupid thing to do. Perhaps none of us need expend
a great deal of time or effort, energy or emotional output on such
What is there to life? Is there any thing to figure out? Is there a
definitive way to cinch the living experience?
Or, do you just blindly sleep with a Raccoon, thinking it’s a kitty-kat,
and even if you knew it wasn’t, or suspected, you just, never mind?
Is that it? Is there a trick to it, and is that it? Hang the sense of it.
Of course it hurts, the trick is to ‘never-mind’? Damn it all but life the
nature of it or how it is we find it, we think, feel, experience, that,
with a little bit of effort, we can indeed figure the shit out. Why it is
we do, why it is we’re so vain that we think we can, we may never know.

Jan 25


 IRN-BRU and 3 turkey tacos. Don’t mind if I do. Now I know what I wanted to get, the Blueberry doughnuts. Damn. Got money forgot what I wanted and then I ordered and they confirmed because they didn’t seem to for sure get it right but yeah they did and then I began to doubt, but was informed, they’re even less expensive on Tuesdays.

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