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Welcome to Pisgah. I am the man who has a dog that you might be interested in buying. I won't steer you wrong. I'll make you a good clean deal. It is true, I have a habit of digressing, so be warned. Ask me a question and I'll answer it, but please don't walk away till I'm finished answering. I find it very rude.

Jul 15

Jul 12

More Good Advice

Humanity MUST inform itself to survive, hang on, for this much longer, at least for a little while. (What for, I don’t know, but, mark my words: There WILL BE another massive quake or devastating “terrorist” deal on American soil before year’s end.) My 2 Cents, for which I hope in vain I’m dead wrong.

Jul 4

The Fourth, And How Many Plans Have Changed…

‎”That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds, snakes, an aeroplanes, Lenny Bruce is not afraid…”
   —R.E.M., It’s The End Of The World, As We Know It.

   Sure, Lenny Bruce was full of Heroin at the end of it, for him, so, what did he have to fear? And there’s nothing now, for him. Of course he’s not afraid. For the rest of us, the living, we have plenty, and it’s not all right and most of us don’t feel fine. We’re perturbed, angry, annoyed, and pissed off. Well, I used to say to an old friend of mine: at least it’s better than being pissed on. Well, unless you’re into that kind of thing, and I’m not, for one, I’ll tell you that right now. What the hell?! 
 Powers that be want you afraid. They want major disasters of weather (east coast), and earthquakes/fires, (west coast), in order to keep us under thumb. 
 What are we going to do about it? What are we going to do?

Jun 27

Hammering It In By Guest Author HARRIS MACCABEE

‎And bloomers? (P.S. They used to wear them when I was a kid. Had this post thing with a circle on top. Hanging down the circumference were these chains at certain spaced intervals. At the bottom of the chains, were rings. There was a board, set at an angle in the sand. Each kid would walk up the board and then jump out to the first ring, and when able, reach out for the next, and keep going until the end, which brought the said young athlete to almost complete the circle/ring, where the board was again. Then they’d drop into the sand. There was a sand pit where this post was placed in the center. All the cute girls with bloomers on under their dresses were watched by the young boys in the 1960’s, very carefully.)

Jun 14


Today, right now, we are doing laundry and other sundry items on the menu. All because we can’t renew our licenses and passports and we’ve run out of money and patience for any thing else. Too bad. We had some more moxie chutzpah verve gusto etc for doing all that other heady stuff now, didn’t we? Of course. Now time alone and we can do more…but tomorrow comes too soon…and we have to do the other things which buy us time to get to where we are now and the happiness that resides in NOT doing all the other weekly shitstormstuff we have to do, that’s you know, pre-requisite for the rest. At least HOCKEY is over for now. On with futbol.

Jun 10

Jun 7


OK, so you’re there in the desert. You’re road weary and fate steps in to see you through to a better place. You didn’t get the kid’s shots like you’d planned, oh well. You’re looking for a new place to live and maybe you’ll find one. Having fine dinners alone and enjoying shows with friends, trying to decide what to do about next weekend and being completely confused. You’re in doubt about where to start with re—well, being confused is just it, isn’t it? There’s no explaining all the lives activities posted by friends on this thing. Maybe you’ll recognize them, perhaps you won’t. You eat chocolate once in a while. It’s got caffeine in it. Gets you high. You enjoy the joy elation sex drive kick in it, but NOT impatience, dick-head, maniac in traffic, because no one jumps in line like you want. And, no matter how hard you try, the ‘high’ exact, just never comes again. So you grab your private and try but girls and boys, you’re better off when you stay quit, for good. Eat well and consume good water. You’ll know it when you taste it. Your body will thank you now and later, just as it will tell you to Fuck Off, if you don’t. Buena Suerte!

Jun 2

screw you paradigm shift

DREAM- I was in a stationery store. I was looking at pads of paper, the reduced price section, and I noticed the pages were torn and wrinkled and written on. They looked like my old notebooks from eons gone by. Found a pen that looked interesting. Black lacquer. It was pointy at ends and skinny ish in the middle. The body looked like those one piece eye blocker to wear in the cancer booth, almost.
It opened up. One end had the pen, a lighter and an ash tray. The other opened up and revealed a foam rubber topographic globe. It was a compass.

May 31

This Is A Bunch of Bullshit

 This is a bunch of bullshit. You can live a happy life, get your degree or work up family tree and have the life only you imagine. This is a bunch of bullshit.
 This is a bunch of bullshit because you can’t control your self. They say you can. They say you can do whatever you set your mind to. Believe it, achieve it. Well, I guess I can’t because to me it’s always been a bunch of bullshit!
 Others, yes, others, others seem able to do say get go what and where ever, and are happy with that, but to me, they’re acting. They’re parading by and acting, acting a fool with whatever tool they have, pretending I notice them in their perfection, and thinking I care. What I care about is the truth. The truth is, it’s a bunch of bullshit! 
 Now, unless you’re making incendiary devices or fertilizing lawns, bullshit literally isn’t much, certainly not for me. I’ve no lawn and I gave up childish needs for blown up stuff eons ago. 
 People are phony, pure and simple. They think you’ll agree and like them if they put up something clever and unique on the social media sites. This is a bunch of bullshit. You have no need of anyone’s approval. You just want someone to love, someone who loves you in return, but what you find, you have to make adjustments. You can’t have what who you want, and they can’t have you. Why? Because this idea, this ideal, and the completion in reality of same, is a bunch of bullshit. And this goes true for jobs/career, home, whatever. It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

May 25

I’m Seven Years Old Today

Feel as if I’m 78 from time to time and as if I’m a very neglectful parent. Haven’t written much in here of late. Let’s hope for the next 7 years we’ll be able to change that. We’ll explore and change, learn and grow. Here’s to the future, and here’s to us! CHEERS!!!

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